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Software House

Are you looking for software development? Perform systems and tools integration? Do you want to modernize a legacy system? Do you need to develop an app? Or even perform maintenance on current systems?

Lyncas Software House could be your best choice.

We have the fundamental skills to meet your needs, we believe in long term partnerships, therefore, understanding the business problem and transforming it into a solution is our goal.

Discover the Lyncas Methodology

Our way of solving problems, proposing modern and effective solutions for your business


Discovery stage and meetings to understand the customer scenario



Problem Solving

The best form of resolution with consolidated techniques and technologies


User tests



Project planning, coding and tracking

Quality assurance




Project Delivery

Project delivered with continuous deployment strategies




Maintenance and continuous updating of the company’s software



What is your need?

Continuous improvement

When the software no longer meets the company’s needs, it is necessary to invest in improvements to keep up with the company’s growth and innovation.

The idea is to offer continuous improvement to meet the needs of  stakeholders, without causing major impacts, to increase the productivity of the company’s employees and arouse customer satisfaction.

Legacy system

In companies with a longer operating time, it is normal to have a legacy system, on which the company’s essential database was built over the years and there is a lot of information stored.

Data therefore cannot be lost in a software change, for instance. You can count on a specialized consultancy that aims at making this transition without unforeseen events.

System support

Systems support consists of the maintenance and continuous updating of the company’s software. This practice is important to ensure the proper functioning of the system, fixing errors and bugs that may arise. This also helps to avoid program’s security breaches.

Quality and reduction of costs

We have a mission of understanding customers demands and assembling the system architecture that meets the specific needs of their company. In order to do this, we will have alignment conversations whenever necessary.

The cost and deadline of a software delivered by a factory are quite different than those produced in-house, this means that it is possible for the company to continue investing time in what it does best. Meanwhile, Lyncas will manage the people working on the project to ensure increased efficiency and effectiveness of processes. Therefore, you will save time, reduce costs and still gain in quality of deliveries.

Long-term partnerships

We have already carried out several services with Lyncas, from closed projects (turn key) where the results were extremely aligned with the negotiated scope, to projects where we involved Lyncas technical staff, showing that they have a rigorous process of selecting its professionals.

Sandro Martins – CIO of Porto de Itapoá

Lyncas has become a strategic technology partner for us. They support us on fronts of support and development, with highly qualified and proactive professionals. They have well-defined processes and the 100% remote operation has shown results above our expectations!

Rodrigo Giosa – CTO at Ebox

Lyncas’s partnership and Outsourcing services are key to delivering results to RD Station’s customers. It is not just the delivery of hours worked, but concern with the strategic objectives we have, helping to find the best teams that integrate our organization.

Pedro Bachiega – Co-founder RD Station