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Software House

Are you looking for software development? Perform systems and tools integration? Do you want to modernize a legacy system? Do you need to develop an app? Or even perform maintenance on current systems?

Lyncas Software House could be your best choice.

We have the fundamental skills to meet your needs, we believe in long term partnerships, therefore, understanding the business problem and transforming it into a solution is our goal.

Discover the Lyncas Methodology

Our way of solving problems, proposing modern and effective solutions for your business


Strategic IT Consulting

Diagnosis of your business and IT Transformation Roadmap

Our strategic IT consulting will help you to understand your actual process and technologies to build a custom detailed roadmap with all project needs to deliver your IT Transformation.

  • Ambient
  • Technologies
  • Team
  • Tools
  • Roadblocks
  • Risk Management
  • Technologies
  • Requirements
  • Schedule
  • Deadlines
  • Teams


Solutions Planning

Prototyping and preparing Development environment

We will understand your scenario and study references to build interface prototype based on user needs and define the system structure.

  • Interface Architecture
  • User Experience (UX)
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Prototype
  • Technologies / Project Patterns
  • System Structure
  • Preparing development environment

Main Front-end Tools:

Main Back-end Tools:


Web Development

Innovate your business with Reliable and Scalable Solutions

Our Web Solutions deliver innovation, scalability and profitability, connecting people and technology to ensure your business IT Transformation.

SaaS Applications
Custom Enterprise Applications
Cloud-based Applications
Software Integrations
API Integrations


Mobile Development

Connectivity and Portability for your Business

In a mobile connected world, deliver user-friendly interface, native-like feel, and stable apps are not more a market advantage, it is a requirement to take your business to the next level.

Custom IOS App Development
Custom Android App Development
Cross-platform Solutions
APIs Integrations


Robot Process Automation – RPA

Automation and Scalability for your Business

Strategic data extraction and optimizing repetitive tasks and processes is key to scale your business and avoid errors. With RPA solutions, we are able to automate tasks and deliver intelligence to decision-making.

Web Scraping
Process and Tasks Automation
Custom Robots Development
Data Analytics


System Integration

Communication between all your systems

Through systems integration solutions, we connect different softwares and company areas, ensuring cost and bureaucracy reduction, solving operational challenges.

Connectivity between systems
Payments / Gateways Integrations
Third-party Systems Integrations
API development and integration


AI/Machine Learning

Improving process Efficiency and Accuracy

Using Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning we can provide complex and large-scale analysis, improving process efficiency and accuracy to make better decisions and project optimization.

Machine Learning Development
OCR – Optical Character Recognition
Image Inspection
Project Optimization
Deep Learning



Making better decisions through your devices

Connecting and sensorize your devices can generate useful data, optimizing your process and driving your business strategy. Using IOT solutions you can turn your devices into powerful business partner.

Devices sensorize
Connectivity between devices
Monitoring Software
Integration Development
IOT Platform Development


Solutions Maintenance and Modernization

Maintain and improve your Solutions Performance

The maintenance process is essential to keep the solution up-to-date and performing at a high level. In this stage, we carry out of continuous improvements and new features implementations to support the growth of your business.

Problem Solving Team
Software Updates
New Features Implementation
24/7 Support



Scalability and reliability for your solutions

The DevOps process covers the whole system infrastructure, from processes to tools on multi-environments, improving speed and stability of software development and delivery. DevOps enables faster new products development and easier existing systems maintenance.

Continuous Integration – CI
Continuous Delivery – CD
Cloud Consulting and Migration
Infrastructure Management
Real-time Monitoring


Quality Assurance – QA

Quality and reliability for a Long-Term Experience

Bugs are inevitable in software development, that’s why QA process is so important. QA specialists will run manual and automated tests for multiple environments to identify and prevent bugs, ensuring reliable and stable applications for an amazing user experience.

Manual and Automated Testing
Reliable and Stable Software
User Acceptance Testing
Quality Analytics


Business & Data Analytics

Turning data into Strategic Insights

In digital era, data is the new gold and make a better use of your data is not more a differential, it’s a must to keep your business growing. Our Business and Data Analytics solutions connect different tools and data bases to delivery strategic insights for data-driven decision making

Extract, Transform and Load – ETL
Data Science
Data Engineering
Data Visualization
Business Intelligence

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What is your need?


Discovery stage and meetings to understand the customer scenario



Problem Solving

The best form of resolution with consolidated techniques and technologies


User tests



Project planning, coding and tracking

Quality assurance




Project Delivery

Project delivered with continuous deployment strategies




Maintenance and continuous updating of the company’s software



Long-term partnerships

We have already carried out several services with Lyncas, from closed projects (turn key) where the results were extremely aligned with the negotiated scope, to projects where we involved Lyncas technical staff, showing that they have a rigorous process of selecting its professionals.

Sandro Martins – CIO of Porto de Itapoá

Lyncas has become a strategic technology partner for us. They support us on fronts of support and development, with highly qualified and proactive professionals. They have well-defined processes and the 100% remote operation has shown results above our expectations!

Rodrigo Giosa – CTO at Ebox

Lyncas’s partnership and Outsourcing services are key to delivering results to RD Station’s customers. It is not just the delivery of hours worked, but concern with the strategic objectives we have, helping to find the best teams that integrate our organization.

Pedro Bachiega – Co-founder RD Station