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IT Outsourcing

Are you looking for an IT Outsourcing Company focused on delivering value and driven by business outcomes?

When a team is short-staffed, projects are put at risk. With the right mix of experience and flexibility, the IT Outsourcing Professionals are able to get up to speed quickly and to deliver value on day one. 

Utilize IT Outsourcing Services to enable scalability and quality of your software team. Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, we can help you scale up, optimize,  maintain your IT solutions and help you for growth.

Empowering Your Dreams with IT Outsourcing

Check out 6 reasons to hire Lyncas’ IT Software Outsourcing

Outsourcing Lyncas

Qualified IT Professionals

Our selection method looks for the best developers to speed up your IT hire process. As a requirement, everybody undergoes a technical interview specialized in the client’s programming language before endevoaring at Software Development Outsourcing.

Pessoa Do Time Lyncas

Trust it to our HR

We believe that each project phase and work stream may require different workforces and capabilities. Our team of people will find the best developers team and take care of all the details during the journey.

Acompanhamento Piscologico

Psychological care

We care about health and well-being, so our professionals have access to appointments with psychologists at any time.

Tech Leads Lyncas

Tech Leads & Managers

To guarantee delivery with quality, we understand that following up an IT Outsourcing Team is crucial. Then, our developers have technological support and leaders who are available for career support, technical questions and feedback.

Agilidade Processo De Contratação

Agility in the process

Need Devs to Innovate and Increase Productivity? We Provide Highly Skilled Productivity. To accelerate the process of hiring developers to Software Development Outsourcing, you can count on our team of Tech Recruiters for the talent discovery system. We streamline the method according to your demand.

Tecnologias Outsourcing De TI

Technologies for your business

Scaleup your team with our experienced Python, .NET C#, React & Node.js devs. We are passionate about delivering maximum value to you while getting to play with technology in the world’s most exciting industries. We can seek professionals from various technologies, screening and validating the best ones for your business.

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Let’s build something great together!

Do you Want an IT Team? We Provide End-to-end Software Development Dedicated teams beacause we know that you need a team of skillful, intelligent, and applied developers to help you convert your ideas into reality and satisfy your development needs. Lyncas’ Developers will be dedicated full time in your business to help you reach new business heights. 

IT Outsourcing Services means hiring a third partner, but not just someone to program with your team, Lyncas’ Developers will bring abundance of ideas, opportunities, and possibilities to your business. Basically, our team will add more value to your business with technology chosen by you.

Why Hire Dedicated Developers from IT Outsourcing Company?

Seamlessly fill the gap in your team with an experienced resource when and how you need it. Lyncas’ developers will merge in your business with their skills and capabilities allowing them to offer services efficiently and appropriately.

Numeral 1

Focus on core business

Time and space to focus on your core business by transferring the responsibility for PM, QA and value delivery to us. So, by hiring the IT Outsourcing Company some of the activities, projects or demands on backlog will get to the dedicated team, and you will have the possibility to devote more to strategy.

Numeral 2

Highly-skilled Dedicated Developers

Experience in different industries make Lyncas developers skilled in recommending differentiated solutions for our customers and will be able to help them achieve their goals.

Numeral 3

Quality Assurance

Quality is one of our values and we encourage our team to demonstrate this into their usual activities. So Lyncas’ Developers dedicated to your business will run multiple quality assurance tests on the solutions they’ll be developing for you to ensure the final product is completely bug-free and works efficiently.

Numeral 4

Reduce costs

IT Project Outsourcing  allows you to hire temporary workers, meaning you do not have to employ full-time employees which can be highly costly. This model provides an opportunity to work with a high-level IT professional and you only hire for how long as you need it

Numeral 5

Reliability and Confidentiality

Ethics is the premise in our HR process, we have to clarify guidelines about confidential data in order to ensure the peace of mind of our customers and their business. You can count on Lyncas’ IT Professionals and that they will respect your business and maintain confidential information saved.

Long-term partnerships

“We see how much you keep up with your professionals, our business areas ask us to keep the Lyncas team with us even after the project ends, as they understand that they are people who, even though they aren’t Malwee employees, wear the company’s shirt.”

Luciano A. Baramarchi – IT Manager at Malwee

“Lyncas has been a key partner in the process of accelerating Selbetti’s Software area. All allocated professionals present excellent results through their performance. They have a behavioral and technical profile suited to our goals. We started the project with the allocation of 3 developers and currently we’re reaching the mark of 20 professionals – another factor that proves the success of this partnership.”

Rafael Brych – Development Manager at Selbetti

“We have already carried out several services with Lyncas, from closed projects (turn key) where the results were extremely aligned with the negotiated scope, to projects where we involved Lyncas technical staff, showing that they have a rigorous process of selecting its professionals.”

Sandro Martins – CIO of Porto de Itapoá