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For a variety of reasons, many IT teams are getting leaner and leaner, however domestic demands continue to increase, which is why it is necessary to innovate and meet the constantly evolving market.

The consequence of reducing the number of people working in the innovation sector causes an imbalance and your company can stagnate or stop growing…

We are certain this is not what you want!

Why hire us?

Check out 6 reasons that will motivate you to seek our services

Qualified Professionals

Our selection method looks for the best developers. Everybody undergoes a technical interview specialized in the client’s programming language.

Leave it to our HR

Forget bureaucracy. Our team will take care of all the details and hiring process of the professional you need.

Psychological care

Our professionals have support and access to psychologists at any time. We care about health and well-being.

Tech Leads / Managers

Here you have technological support and leaders who are available for career support, technical questions and feedback.

Agility in the process

We have Tech Recruiters for the talent discovery process. We streamline the process according to your demand.

Technologies for your business

We can seek professionals from various technologies, screening and validating the best ones for your business.



17 states

Talents in
the team

20 years
IT Projects

stacks technologies

How it works

Outsourcing is an English term that means hiring a third party, those who opt for this hiring model are obtaining an external source of labor to work internally in their company.

It is a strategic investment with the aim of making internal teams focus on the strategic and core tasks of the business, in addition to creating potential for the organization to face market changes more easily.

Lyncas works with a professional allocation model that values the sensitivity of the client’s business, we look for the developer that matches your culture and technologies.

We provide your company with qualified professionals for application development and requirements analysis, so we contribute to building the best solutions for your business.

Check out 5 reasons that will motivate you to seek our services

Focus on core business

With the outsourcing of some of the activities, projects or demands on backlog, the company will have the possibility to devote more to strategy.

Gain productivity

The experiences of outsourced professionals qualify them to execute processes with quality and in less time, ensuring good productivity and efficiency in operations.

On-demand services

You are the one who manages the activities and demands that the developer will perform. We do all of people management, with constant feedback, keeping in line with expectations.

Reduce costs

One of the main IT managers headache causes is bearing maintenance costs and employees labor charges. They can be replaced by hiring Lyncas.

Access to technologies

By transferring this management to a specialized company can ensure the development remains updated, secure and at the appropriate level of performance, offering employees and customers a quality service.