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Multidisciplinary team: method for effective collaboration

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Multidisciplinary team: method for effective collaboration

Teams made up of diverse professionals with significant experiences, unique capabilities and equal purposes make up a multidisciplinary team.

The connection of these individuals in the construction of projects is capable of offering advantages such as creativity, autonomy and continuous improvement. According to data provided by Gartner, 43% of companies that already use the Fusion Teams model (or fusion teams, in Portuguese) noticed a more cooperative IT, in which they share responsibilities for the solutions created, in addition to technical and analytical skills. for the performance of the organization.

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What is a multidisciplinary team?

The term “multi” in the word multidisciplinary brings plurality in the sense of many, that is, the group of people with different specialties, but who are complementary to achieving the result.

The multidisciplinary team originates from the health sector, made up of professionals such as doctors, nurses and assistants who work together to care for patients.

As the demands of the job market evolve, companies have recognized the importance of promoting an environment that values multidisciplinary teams.

Investing in professionals with different skills and experiences not only strengthens diversity of thought, but also fosters a collaborative environment where employees work together to drive business growth.

This approach not only nurtures professional development, but also promotes a more rewarding and enriching space both personally and professionally.

How to structure a multidisciplinary team?

Before organizing the team, it is essential to define the project objectives, the specific requirements to achieve them, the tasks that need to be performed and the performance indicators that will be monitored. To keep everyone focused and accountable, each team member needs to understand their role in the project, ensuring that deliverables and deadlines are met.

Providing accessible and effective communication channels so that they can exchange information in a clear and transparent way is necessary, thus avoiding mismatches and noise in communication.

Promote an inclusive place, where all opinions are valued and respected, encouraging contribution and the exchange of experiences among team members.


6 benefits of investing in a more diverse team

Changing of perspectives

The grouping of specialties brings different and exclusive points of view to solving complex problems.

Extensive creativity and innovation

According to writer Adam Grant, in his book “Originals: How Nonconformists Move the World”, multidisciplinary teams contribute to innovation and creativity by bringing different perspectives, experiences and skills to the problem-solving process.

This diversity of backgrounds allows for a more comprehensive approach to generating ideas and solutions, resulting in a greater variety of innovations.

Furthermore, interaction between members of different areas encourages thinking outside the box and the combination of seemingly disconnected ideas, leading to original discoveries and solutions.

Team satisfaction 

The McKinsey study shows that companies that care about diversity have 63% of their employees more satisfied. A motivated employee increases their productivity and competence levels.

This initiative makes the work environment pleasant, after all, people act according to the space in which they are located.

Continuous learning

Dialogue with colleagues from other areas allows the expansion of new knowledge through practices and interactions. Strengthening this power skill is a way to guarantee more assertive responses to the market.

Autonomy in decision making

Additional training can help with the independence of activities. These teams rely less on managers, conducting processes in a more autonomous and collaborative way without needing external interference.

Error identification and prevention

The process, reviewed and validated by other people, helps to detect complications in advance to act preventively, reducing the margin for error.

Where can multidisciplinary teams be applied?

equipe multidisciplinar no automobilismo


In Formula 1, there is no driver fast enough to win a race without the help of everyone involved, from the team manager to the mechanics. The target is just one: work in harmony until the finish line.


Multidisciplinary teaching is an approach that integrates disciplines that deal with the same topic. For example, the development of studies between Biology and Chemistry, involving the use of chemical tools necessary to understand biological systems.


A survey carried out by Advance Consulting showed that the IT market ended the first quarter of 2023 with 20% growth. To meet this expansion, IT Squads operate with multifunctional characteristics as a multidisciplinary team, carrying out work in an agile manner.

Squads are generally formed according to agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban, which promote collaboration, effectiveness and continuous delivery of value to the customer.

Multidisciplinary teams are defined by their capacity for self-organization and exceptional qualities. They are committed to planning and executing the activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the service or product they are developing.

This often involves intensive partnership between project participants and working together to solve problems and meet the needs of end users.

The puzzle of skills can be used in the most varied business segments and are essential for building tactics, thus achieving an ideal organizational climate with willing and focused people.


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